About us


Wakai & Co.,Ltd. (Head office)

Wakai Group was established in 1940 in Osaka- Japan. Wakai Group is specializied in production and supply of nails, screw, clamps used in construction and industry.

In 1966, WAKAI invested in contruction of a factory specialized in production of above accessories ( now it is called ONODA NAIL CO.,LTD.), up to now,we have develop over 700 types of product many of which have been issued with patents. Being a manufacturer specialized in production of accessories, WAKAI is currently a very important chain in many industries including automobile and construction industry. Thanks to the quality and meeting strict demand of the customer in commercial aspect, the products of WAKAI are always highly appreciated. WAKAI have more than 3000 direct customers and moer than 2000 agents, such as building material manufacturers, construction companies, steel companies, automobile production companies, acessory stores,machine and electrical component centers, ect.

With our experience and sales performance as we mentioned above, WAKAI has started WAKAI VIETNAM CO., LTD. in Ho Chi Minh city to expand the business in overseas.

Our purpose is following:

1.Make a contribution to the industry of Vietnam, during the sales of "AKIS ", our original SDS brand.
2.Meet the customers' demand with high function and high quality products.
3.Make a contribution to the development of Vietnam's society.

Onoda Nail Co.,Ltd. (Factory)

Distribution center (Osaka)

Wakai Vietnam Co.,Ltd. (Vietnam)

Why Wakai product?

Drilling quality problem

  • The screw head often break off when drilling.
  • Wasted much time and money, because of the defective screws.

Leakage problem

  • Customer complains about the rain-leaking.
  • It cost a lot for repair charge and takes much time to resolve customer complaint.
Rust problem
  • The screws get rust during the construction.
  • Rust will damage the structures and also it looks bad.
Environment problem
  • Cannot find environment-friendly products in the market.
  • Raise coorporation image
Price problem
  • The expense should be saved as much as possible for the company.

How we SOLVE these problems is...

Knowledge and experience for over 70 years

WAKAI & CO.,LTD. established in Osaka- Japan, since 1940.

Since we have developed over 700 products ang applied for many patents, we meet the needs of the market of Japan, Germany and USA.

Self drilling screw is our main product, which the function and quality still keep on improving.

Quality control according to Japanese standard.

Strict quality control during the production process.

Immediate reaction to complaint.

Marketing ability

We will investigate many construction scenes in Japan & Vietnam to get the needs of market and do our best to meet customers' demand.

Coorperation with the factory and supplier

We can also produce by ourselves at ONODA NAIL CO.,LTD. in Yamaguchi, Japan.

We have many suppliers in the world, Taiwan, China, Germany and of course Japan.